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Bigfarm started out as an independent multi instrumentalist in the early 2017. He is based in his studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. All vocals and instruments is mainly performed by Bigfarm himself.

With inspiration from bands and artists like Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and danish C.V. Jørgensen, is Bigfarm well-founded in the rock genre. The lyrics comes from personal experiences and relates to topics such as love, freedom and meaning of life. The songs is in danish and english.

In the teenage years was Bigfarm performing with a bunch of danish artists. To name a few: Mads Tunebjerg (Kashmir), Morten Ravn (Bass), Kristoffer Munck Mortensen (Mellemblond), Pete Brand (The Consumerists) and Malene Rigtrup (Vocal).

Bigfarm has mainly his musical education from Herlev Musikskole and Ærø Folkehøjskole.

The music

You can listen to more from Bigfarm on Spotify..